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The main combat class of the Dark Fox Clan. Slayers join the fight as a melee combatant, wielding axes.

Weaponry: Any axe, stone sword max., any armor.

Skills and Abilities: Melee Combat The most leathel soldiers of the Dark Fox clan are slayers, as you don't even see it coming, suddenly you are dead, and items you were holding are in the hands of this powerful warrior. Slayers listen to thier master, and have maximum discipline. Their PvP skills are remarkable, and more powerful than the Paladins ever saw.

Slayer FAQ

How do I become a Slayer?

The Dark Fox invites you to be one.

Why can't slayers use swords, but can use axes?

As they lived their lives learning how to be ultimate Bandits, The Dark Fox saw the fire within them, and invited them to join their clan, weilding the best weapon they know of, an axe.

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